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Conveyancing, in short, is the legal term for the process whereby a person, company, trust or close corporation becomes the registered and legal owner of the immovable property. It also covers the process of the registration of mortgage bonds.

Each time a property is sold, ownership must be transferred and a new deed of transfer must be drawn up and registered in the deeds office – this is where the Conveyancing Attorney is involved. We pride ourselves in guiding clients through the process of transferring ownership of any immovable property, every step of the way. It is important for property owners to know and understand the property transfer and conveyancing process and have enough relevant information at their disposal to make informed decisions.

Our Services

  • Property transfers including, sectional title, commercial and residential properties;
  • Registration and cancellation of mortgage bonds;
  • Transfers relating to divorces and deceased estates;
  • Drafting Offers to Purchase;
  • Drafting deeds of sale documentation;
  • Township Establishment;
  • Subdivision for Developments.